Fresh Water Birds - Fresh Water Birds include: swimmers, dabblers, flyers and specialized birds that mostly favor fresh water lakes and ponds.
Land Birds - Land birds exploit a wide variety of food sources, some even feed on other birds. They include: aerialist, nocturnal, ground-walkers, and tree-climbers.
Perching Birds - Perching birds include songbirds, chattering and chirping birds that flit from tree to tree, clutching a branch with their toes once they lite. Bill shape, determines the food source they can utilize, which in turn influences their behavior.
Gulls and Terns - Web footed water birds that feed on water and land near the shore. They are at home on both the water and land.
Ocean Birds - Ocean birds (Pelagic birds) forage over the open ocean, usually far from shore. Most come ashore only to nest, then only on remote beaches, cliffs and headlands.
Shorebirds - Shoreline birds are commonly found along sandy or rocky shorelines, mudflats, ponds, and other shallow waters -- they seldom stray from wet areas and water.
Wetland Birds - Wetland birds include: swimmers, waders, dabblers, and upland waterbirds -- all having in common that they seldom stray from wet areas and water.

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